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We engage employees through health & wellness.

Yomp provides a Health & Wellbeing platform proven to increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and boost employee engagement.

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What we do

In a nutshell...

Engage your company around health and wellbeing.

We help large organisations improve the health and wellness of their workforce through a gamified employee engagement platform, shown to:

  • Get more people exercising more often.

  • Increase Productivity by up to 12.5%.

  • Reduce absenteeism.

  • Boost engagement by up to 36%.

  • Improve staff satisfaction and retention.

  • Help achieve CSR and sustainability targets.


Engagement, benefit and wellbeing platform.

We engage your workforce around health and wellness whilst capturing the ROI it brings - creating a healthier, happier and more enthused workplace.

Key features:

  • Fully account-managed solution.

  • Bespoke and branded as per your company guidelines and logos.

  • Create competition between departments, offices or countries.

  • Reduce sedentary lifestyles and thus presenteeism / health costs.

  • Reward your staff with internal incentives (e.g. donations to charity).

  • Add other wellbeing content/initiatives to the platform.

Councils / Municipals

Behaviour change solution for active travel in your city.

Want an easy and effective way of engaging your residents, businesses, and schools around active lifestyles? We have worked under Sustainable Travel and Public Health funding to achieve this.

Key features:

  • Bespoke and branded as per your guidelines / logos.

  • Encourage activity, reduce obesity and other health issues.

  • Anonymised heatmap of local travel behaviour.

  • Engage with shops and businesses to offer local rewards.

  • Create unique leaderboards (e.g. ages, genders, companies).

  • Use the platform to support other local initiatives or vice-versa.

Schools / Universities

Reward students (and staff) for healthy activities.

With child inactivity and obesity at an all-time high, we're extremely passionate about working with schools, colleges and universities to engage their student (and staff) body around making healthier, more sustainable lifestyle choices.

Key features:

  • Bespoke and branded as per your school's guidelines and logos.

  • Offer prizes and rewards for the most active staff / students.

  • Laud your efforts to stakeholders / parents / prospective students.

  • Keep track of activities and miles covered, calories burnt and carbon saved.

  • Create unique leaderboards (e.g. age / faculty / campus).

Brand Partners

Inspire thousands of health-conscious consumers with your brand.

Want your brand to help people become healthier, happier and more sustainable? Incentivise their hard work.

Key features:

  • Just like Nectar points but for healthy activities.

  • Get your brand in front of thousands of active, affluent users.

  • See the activities, miles, carbon and calories you've helped inspire.

  • You set the necessary miles / points needed to trigger redemption.

  • Offer a one-off prize; nominal discount; BOGOF; or sponsorship.

  • The platform allows for both in-store and online redemption.

What we do


Councils / Municipals

Schools / Universities

Brand Partners







Yomp aligns perfectly with Dentsu Aegis Network’s strategy to reduce our global carbon footprint. We’re extending the service from London to other offices around the world after hugely positive results and staff feedback. Frank Krikhaar, Global CSR Manager, Dentsu Aegis Network

I have been commuting by bike for 18 months now and feel healthier and more alert when I arrive at work; and have more money in my pocket... Thank you so much Yomp! Rebecca G., User, Environment Agency

Yomp has helped West Yorkshire Travel Plan Network engage with over 180 businesses so far, allowing us to add cycling to the sustainable travel planning agenda with great effect - 40% of our participants are now cycling more as a result. Ginny Leonard, CTC Officer

I personally find the scheme encouraging and motivational - just what is needed now that the dark nights and cold weather has arrived! Michael A., User, EDF Energy

This gave me the extra push to manage twice a week on my bike into work which was over 100 miles a week commuting. John T., User, Freemans Grattan Holdings

Easy to use and bring out your competitive spirit. Jennifer M., User, Linklaters LLP

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On average, frequently active people live two years longer than their sedate counterparts; they are as fit as someone ten-years-younger; and exercise
releases endorphins causing a sense of well-being, pain relief and a reduction in stress.

Health Health

If all commutes in England under five miles were completed on bike / foot instead of car it would save enough CO2 to heat 17,000 houses per week. A 20% increase in current cycling levels could save the
economy £207m in terms of reduced traffic congestion and £71m in terms of lower pollution.

Sustainability Sustainability

Stress related illnesses cost £14million working days a year and commuting is a main contributor - an
estimated 20% increase in active travel would save the UK £87million in reduced absenteeism. There's an
average ROI of between £1-6 in benefits for every £1 spent on cycling.

Financial Financial

Research shows that those who are active see an average productivity boost of 12.5% and have significantly fewer sickness days than those who are not. Healthy employees are also 47% more alert and make 27% fewer errors than those who are inactive.

Productivity Productivity

Over two-thirds of employers consider gamification an effective strategy for encouraging their employees to improve their health and more than 30% of employers intend to adopt a health-focused gamified strategy in the next year - with organisational engagement shown to increase up to 48%.

Rewards Gamification

93% of CEOs of the world's top 1,000 companies
believe that engaged and healthy staff will be critical to their businesses' future success; and 88% of Generation Y, or "millennials," choose employers based on strong staff engagement and CR values.

Reputation Reputation

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Want to see a demo of our award-winning software? Click Here


An online, client-branded portal containing everything needed to begin or bolster a health and wellbeing initiative.

GPS mobile app available on Android and iOS to log trips on the move.

Reward your workforce for keeping fit - like Nectar points but for healthy activity.

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Want to see a demo of our award-winning software? Click Here


Ry Morgan Co-founder / CEO

Ronan Carter Director / COO

PJ Cavalli Sales & Marketing Director

Greg Drach Head of Product

James Croft Account Director


Ant Ganjou Co-founder / NED

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